“After trying Reformer Pilates for a month, I never looked back. It was exactly the kind of low-impact and efficient workout I was looking for.” — Vivian Twiss, founder of VIVA and a Peruvian-born entrepreneur, shared her Pilates journey and how VIVA began. Her life-changing journey started after discovering that the strengthening and sculpting workout led to phenomenal improvements in her fitness and mental state. Following a successful start of teaching Pilates to friends and neighbours, Vivian launched VIVA’s first Reformer Pilates studio in 2019 and VIVA Keppel Bay in 2020 with an accompanying beauty salon.


Founded with soul and passion, VIVA launched its latest studio at Sentosa Cove in February 2023. Our founder, Vivian Twiss, is a Mat, Reformer & CCB instructor, and Barre coach. After traversing Peru through Spain, Vivian finally settled in Singapore 11 years ago to build Pilates by VIVA and The Salon by VIVA to celebrate the vitality of life. Her vision is to create a unique haven with the intention of improving clients’ lifestyles and building meaningful connections with the community. VIVA now offers Hair, Nails, Brows, Lashes and Waxing. Through unifying fitness and wellness in this integrated space, VIVA has a team of professionals to attend to your needs.


Synonymous with clear skies, blue sea, and sun-kissed beaches, VIVA’s latest studio at Sentosa Cove is the only Pilates studio situated at the Quayside. The new two-story studio is designed with a contemporary look, evoking a soothing and inspiring ambience. One floor of the studio offers the salon, while the second floor houses the Pilates machines and changing rooms. Our boutique studio is light-filled, cosy and comfortable, where intimate private sessions, duets, and group classes are held.

Opens daily: 7AM – 8PM

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