Experience the transformative power of Reformer Pilates at VIVA.


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Build Core Strength

Pilates is famously known for its emphasis on the core, commonly referred to as the 'powerhouse' as it is the centre of the body from which all movements are rooted and connected.

Increase Flexibility & Mobility

Combining a mixture of fluid movements and dynamic stabilisation exercises, Pilates helps to boost your overall flexibility and mobility in the long run.

Realign Posture

With the proper guidance from a team of highly-qualified instructors, Pilates improves posture and eases tension in the joints and ligaments by bringing awareness to your alignment and strengthening your neglected postural muscles.

Take a look at our

Group Pilates Classes

Tone & Lengthen

A group class for everyone! This is a total body workout. Expect to work every muscle group through slow and controlled movements that will make you feel the BURN. Feel your core working, improve your posture, lengthen your spine, and sculpt your muscles with the Reformers and towers.

Please note this class is not suitable for clients who are pregnant.

Sweat & Burn

Ready for the next step? — Clock in your cardio with us at Sweat & Burn. Build peachy glutes, toned arms, a core of steel, and muscles you never knew you had. Don’t feel intimidated. Our instructors can modify the pace of the class for everyone to pull through with us.

We recommend you to try a few Tone & Lengthen classes before joining.

Please note this class is not suitable for clients who are pregnant.

Cardio Blast

Increase your metabolic rate during this fast-paced class, using pilates cardio tramps in the Reformers and towers to take you through a full body workout that will efficiently improve your coordination and flexibility. We recommend you to attend a few Sweat & Burn classes first before joining this session. This class goes fast!

Please note this class is not suitable for clients who are pregnant or with pre-existent injuries.

Post Natal

Looking to go back to fitness after giving birth? Well, this is the right class for you. Work towards regaining your strength with safe exercises focused on engaging your core from the deepest layers onwards. This will aid in strengthening your pelvic floor and promote long-term stability in your joints

We recommend you to check with your doctor for diastisis recti (DR) and inform us if you have any for our instructors to tailor to your needs.

Pre Natal

Pilates during pregnancy is the safest workout a soon-to-be-mother can have. Work on retaining and developing your strength in a safe manner. Prepare yourself for birth and the physical demands your body will experience after.

We recommend you to have a green light from your doctor to workout.

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